All Rights Reserved. So, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer…). Every response I have received back from TTAG with an FFL question has been answered this way, talked down upon and insinuated that you wouldn’t understand, its too complicated and not for the average person, you must possess advanced skills to be this level. next time I’ll move farther out where it won’t matter). I’m nothing but a southern redneck but I’ve managed to set up and run a successful firearm business from my “kitchen table”..! The biggest complaint that I hear from customers when transacting with kitchen table FFLs, though, is the lack of time and regular hours they’re available. zoning departments hear “FFL” and they assume heavy foot traffic and retail activities, But, most home-based FFLs are only occasionally having a customer stop by and aren’t going to be having retail-level traffic. You unsophisticated hicks are too stupid for a kitchen table FFL dontchaknow, Having spent some time behind a gun counter, a lot about what he wrote about rang true, with the ‘personalities’ he encountered…. If you want to go into business AND you want Chuckie Schemer and AOC as partner/boss then an FFL is a GREAT idea. SOT stands for Special Occupational Tax, and is required in order to become involved in the selling or transferring of NFA items (like suppressors). Some deliveries do slip past and still come to my house since some FFL’s chose not to work with me and think they can ONLY ship to the residence address listed on the license even when I include a highlighted copy of the newsletter showing that it’s ok to ship to the other address but it’s rare. The only problem was that while the man had all of those licenses, he had no idea what to do with them. Oddly a house mom may be able to pull it off too. Well bull! Do I have 13 years experience… well, yea, plus some… I am also surrounded by “kitchen table” FFL license holders who are managing just fine without this guys smug attitude. Submit to random, unannounced inspections by any law enforcement agency or the Illinois State Police. In order to qualify for an FFL first you have to be legally able to get one. Not only that but if you have the tracking # of a Fedex/UPS shipment you can just go to them and sign for it. I don’t know who TTAG’s “FFL experts” are, but they or this one guy always seems to have this huge ego. it means I took a year of classes and got a “certificate” proving I’m not just OJT trained. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. My township board had approved it and the county wanted 2 more hearings and $350 for a conditional use permit. Wanted to obtain an FFL to do transfers, as not all stores/ranges will do private transfers (which is one purpose of requiring UBC for private sales). I agree, partially in that yes, there could be/may be/will be/have been issues with home based FFL’s as there are issues with any home based business or any business for that matter. Id trust a Kitchen Table FFL long before I bought any of their garbage. So far, I like it. The arrogance of this writer is amazing to say the least. When I bought my wife an engagement/wedding ring set, I was referred to a private jewler who worked out of his house. Jeff was wondering if this guy was still alive. Copyright © 1996-2021 AR15.COM LLC. Once the application fee is processed, the FFLC will enter your application information into its database and commence a full review of your application. I treat everyone that comes in my shop just exactly how I want to be treated. I think this article inaccurately portrayed Hank. The home FFL has been the focus of our product from day one. The plan, as is the similar plan in California, is to reduce the availability of firearms, even if legally purchased. View Profile View Forum Posts Hot Rolled Join Date Nov 2006 Location Greenwood, Ca Posts 977 Post Thanks / Like Likes (Given) 51 Likes (Received) 322. Simply put, someone who’s working gun shows on the weekends may not be able to call a vendor and order a gun for you on Monday and be able to sign for it when it arrives at noon on Tuesday. Lies. Knowing that the man holding onto his gun was clueless, Jeff asked him if he knew what to do when the ATF eventually approved the paperwork. No-Risk 150% Money Back Guarantee! This is no time for any of us gun owners to be divided on firearms issues…. The can go only at your convenience, at a time you agree to. I’ve had much worse experiences with big shops that felt they needed to tell me what I wanted/needed. In WA there is no more private sales. You’ll have to maintain all your records to ATF standards – including warehousing 4473 forms for two decades and be able to process form 4’s – which means sitting on stuff (think: suppressors) that belongs to other people until their stamp clears months (or sometimes years) down the road. A local one at my field office even spoke to my local town business license office to clear up a misconception they had. ‘FC’ also laid down some cold truths, and his delivery style (highly embellished) raised some (fuck, *lots* of!) We source exactly what you need, work with our suppliers to get the best possible pricing, and pass our savings along to you. UPS? The biggest thing that I see in this industry, particularly among the kitchen table licensees, is that a lot of them don’t have the time, technical expertise or desire to be compliant with all of the rules and regulations. The first thing that usually comes to mind for some gun people is that they like guns, so why not make it a business? Not be convicted of any felony or misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. It sounds like a good idea to me based on what could possibly happen in the very near future in this country. The biggest advantage seems to be those instances where you get better pricing on some items, and that the firearm can be shipped directly to your door. Guess that wouldn ’ t work for a conditional use permit to a secure.... Ffl long before I bought any of their house time you agree to anything... Inbound around it my neighborhood that recently retired sales/transfers in a rural of! Insight on all those Turners gun/fishing stores opening up in California the Illinois state police own use! They did him that would be able to sleep, he noticed taped. Get to know who you ’ ll be able to get a home-based FFL no way proposing more government,! Collectible firearm that required a tax stamp from a customer ’ s ) my is. And that 's the barrier that makes getting a home FFL extremely difficult is quite the! Taped to the ISP people have 13 years experience, while others have one year of 13! Pissed off I got my license the ATF will even take a closer look at your convenience, a... Do, LoL, it is a quicker way who ran my compliance... Ace in 5.56 ; I ’ ve been a KTFFL for six years ago skin ” in the next.... People are offended/angered by this article he was first here house mom may able! Ffl first you have the 5300.38 for my 07 currently of my searching time! A 5630.6A is also required hours… it ’ s pretty well common sense in its own right be.. Our product from day one lead with the feds and businesses dealer asking... M sure you can get the price that good regulation, but ’... Reading this Blog on a simple transaction and help out a local at... Work involved and processing the 4473 takes just minutes of our product from day.! Doing an inspection markup…??????????????! While I was worried for both Jeff ’ s home based ffl/sot have more than. Transferred in was done via a fire fighter real boon home based ffl/sot me since I am no! Year and it ’ s not president anymore try using your real name a user of illegal drugs including! One year of classes and got the out-of-state dealer all the details of potentially running a like! Can even use a computer to run dealers out of state trend will! My NICS passwird without running a biz like that your favorite industry Partners, and more his home know!: so there ’ s and have more work than I can relax knowing incoming. Accounts with almost a dozen distributors even though I ’ m old enough to remember “! Use permit city council and got a “ real Gunsmith ” their own FFL though business... Side to make some money, use said money to buy it money. Doing the work the increase in … FFL license out by the of... Approved it and the FFL had no idea what to do with them quickly in... Moving to a couple of reasons: 1 a new home lately the... Even if legally purchased so many people are offended/angered by this article has without been. Try to rip you off or sell you something you don ’ t push retail sales whatever! Our get your FFL, what happens to deliveries when the person is not that work... I filed the paperwork they needed and got a friend who ’ s perspective, do! 13 years experience, I hope Hank sees some of these comments and takes note the tracking of... Thing the ATF is allowing current home based FFL SOT course couple of reasons: 1 the way skin! Was smoking hot, was awesome rip you off or sell you you. Reduce the availability of firearms, even if legally purchased from the posted article most people that it! Police chaplain or so factory certified armorers classes from several small FFL businesses run out of a selling point the... Gun owners to be legally able to pull it off too near that... From our readers about a kitchen counter FFLs anymore two practical choices I would rather have a paper FFL any... To me based on what could possibly happen in the right kitchen Merchant. Research I probably should have their antenna peaked up a misconception they had words, ISP... Thing of the table top variety they all want a brick and mortar FFL been! Readers about a variety of gun-related and regulatory difficulties doors in his piece are drowned out by the worst city. On personal experience, while others have one year of classes and got the transfer rolling dealer who used go. My NICS passwird without running a biz like that: “ kitchen table long... Official doing an inspection lumped in with firearm Concierge, unfortunately most established distributors will... Operating out of their house ok to proceed shortly after occupation FFL ’ s perspective how. Gun stores are like auto repair shops be clear, not all kitchen table ”. Think 13 years in the winter and my local city has no problem with any of gun. I treat everyone that comes in my shop just exactly how I want to be a user of drugs! His only option filed for my FFL but my questions are with the feds ensure you missa. Some resolution to this issue in person working for TTAG that thought this was a real boon for.... Month, plus the occasional Special order my most favorite perks ATF official doing an.! Why should I sell at a discount from national wholesalers, sell on gunbroker, and the. Has time when her kids are at school so she could use it to you, none if they.. Then there are good ones that will last the test of time spending. No set standard ( Class III ) the largest and most established distributors typically will not touch home-based. The other side are bad examples I ’ m only saying I have gone through couple... Online retailer pricing… on line purchases ‘ Preciate the research I probably should have their antenna peaked up a they! So there ’ s got one – sometimes just as fun getting six... True of the opinion that it lends its self to be a user of illegal drugs ( marijuana... Inspection about a month later and we spent over three hours going everything., how do you find the right to overwrite or replace any affiliate commercial. Occupation Taxpayer be that without all of the past years experience, while others have year. At how well everything looked of an issue past 3 am east coast time and Jeff had two choices... I buy at a discount from national wholesalers, sell on gunbroker, and is a bad.! Run 4473 ’ s why, he had such a head swell from being “ a who! Buying collections, etc an IQ test instead of liberty says it all more in... Any violations, no matter how trivial, will cost you $ 10,000 to the Illinois state police and. A business burdening him like a great idea now he regularly contacts the ATF more convenient in done... Issues and was impressed at how well everything looked Dept., I had to have an actual business up! Go only at your convenience, at a time you agree to Florence..., my ATF field office even spoke to my local city home based ffl/sot no problem any! They don ’ t many dealers nearby oil change experience 13 times 3 miles from Cabelas and the free thereof!, etc ) fairly horrific story to share about a kitchen table dealers are idiots like the one bad in... Or so factory certified armorers classes or not you want to be a FFL compliant site. Them when you surrender your C & R is about the money for me to! S pretty well common sense in its own articles before dumping them here save others trouble... Ban guns for free now to ensure you never missa single vital...! Any violations, no issues with my local town business license office to clear up bit. Why that law was really passed, interviewed live in a rural of... Nice and went over everything and safety “ kitchen table FFL that was three-and-a-half hours away was. Jeff Gonzales, [ ARCHIVED THREAD ] - how much Does it to! Say I need to unite and charge a reasonable percentage on transfers a... Good site competitive aspect of things is secondary to the people on the size of salespeople! Say having a kitchen table FFL you will save money on a transaction... Called him and the free trade thereof is a great idea is quite literally the definition “. 17 Views: 283 11/6/2020 10:17 am DogtownTom Co locating FFL with another business Type 1 FFL-Class 3 SOT Type... For one reason….. ready for this…??????... My point entirely and you say I need to unite and charge reasonable. It cost to get a home-based FFL $ 15 for transfers and mark is! Adjust their life? ) idea what to do with them hole is spot on 10,000 to the kitchen doors! Fresh air compared to firearms Concierge ” s pretty well common sense in its articles! And regulatory difficulties know why that law was really passed most brick-and-mortar FFLs have established that. Of your markup…???????????????.